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Repacing the LC1 Light Control unit in 1993, the LC2 offered a new design style as well as being much smaller than its forerunner. No longer a ‘box’ and more a discrete, small unit, the LC2 could be placed in-line in a cable connected to both a mains electricity supply and a lamp. With the advancement of electronics the whole unit was much more compact and was easier to install than the LC1.

Its diamond-shaped design was finished in white and polished aluminium and included a domed infra-red receiver within the rounded sensi-touch ‘button’ on the top. By touching this sensi-touch dome the connected lamp would turn on or off; by resting a finger on the unit the light level gradually dimmed up and down.



Operation Sensi touch
Recommended terminal Beo 4
Beolink 1000 MK2, MK3
Beolink 5000
Beolink 7000
Finish White
Power supply 220 - 240 V
Power frequency 50 Hz +/- 5 %
Standby consumption 0.7 W RMS
Weight 195 g (with wall mounting, 210 g)
Dimension W x H x D 98 x 52 x 98 mm
Control Principle Phase-cutting (TRIAC)


Standard filament bulbs 40 - 300 W

Connections: Standard filament bulbs 40 - 300 W

High-voltage halogen bulbs: 220 - 240V 40 - 300 W

Low-voltage halogen bulbs: 220 - 240V transformer 40 - 300 W

Low energy bulbs (on/off): 0 - 100 W

Fluorescent tubes (on/off): 0 - 100 W